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When Quality Investment Counts
Then it's O'Meara's job to put the right people in the right places to get the best workmanship and the greatest efficiency.
"You might have one guy making $10 an hour who can only paint one window in that time. Another guy who makes $15 an hour might be able to do three windows an hour. If you have a job with a lot of windows, you're better off plugging in the higher-paid employee. It's like the guy who shucks oysters. Doing that repetitive task over an over again, he's going to go from one pound an hour to five or 10 pounds an hour," says O'Meara. "The same applies to our business. You need to train your people, develop their areas of specialization, deploy them properly, and then systematize your approach to the job."

Organization Counts
O'Meara's crews function like a well-oiled machine, each part working in concert with the others. "First, you send in a guy with a fully-equipped spray truck who does nothing but spray. There is one pump for flat paint for the walls, and a second pump for the enamel for the doors. When he is done spraying, you send in the enamel crew. They start by checking all the hinges and returns. And so it goes," explains O'Meara.
"We teach everyone to work in a particular pattern and according to set standards. That adds efficiency throughout to the crews on the job, to the supervisor inspecting the work, to the billing department," he says. Even DOMCO's equipment is standardized, down to the last detail. Every truck has identical ladders, identical pumps, a stack of four caulk guns (all with top quality siliconized acrylic caulk), etc. "Organization means a lot," says O'Meara.
Indeed, according to Greg Balbirnie, executive vice president at Robert Bruce Development Group, a long-time DOMCO client that builds homes in the $400,000 to $2

O'Meara has proven that builders indeed do value top-quality workmanship and detail-oriented customer service.

million range, the organizational excellence and quality of DOMCO's management team is the number one reason the firm gives its business to O'Meara.

Economies of Scale
By systematizing the sales process, O'Meara gains tremendous economies of scale. "If you set up your business properly, it isn't too much different selling a development than it is selling a homeowner," he says.
O'Meara describes his procedures this way: "Maybe there are four or five models in a subdivision, but I price out the job only once. I develop templates for the options we plan to offer on the various models, and enter them into our computer system." Once the system is in place, the sales take care of themselves, he says. Home buyers select the upgrades they want from DOMCO's price sheet; the builder calls in the order. "All we do is call up the template for the particular model home, and our computer system

builds the work order and the cost-collection module. Everything is automated."
"At that point, my vice president of operations, Angelo Tropea, can pay attention to the job and I can concentrate on my client. Every Tuesday, I visit all of our jobs and meet with the builders to keep them informed. Good communication is important," he says.

New Marketing Tools
O'Meara is always looking for new ways to convince home builders to collaborate with DOMCO on paint upgrades. To that end, he recently added a new weapon to his arsenal, - an informative, professionally-produced sales video on property management that is sprinkled with client testimonials.
Entitle "The Test of Quality," the video incorporates much of O'Meara's business philosophy, educates the viewer about painting and provides guidelines on selecting a painting contractor. On the last point, builders and property

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