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When Quality Investment Counts
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Are You Looking For Respect?
A. Domco Decorating, Inc. can give it to YOU!
* Tired of working with below average crews?
* Tired of doing your best and not being appreciated for it?
* Tired of watching quality concerns being ignored?
Try A. Domco, Inc.

Southern Eastern Pennsylvania's #1 Rated Painting and Decorating Company. Est. in 1947, A. Domco has been setting the standard for quality and customer satisfaction.
How We Do It?

  • Above Average Pay

  • Premier Cliental

  • Fully Insured Work Force

  • Strong Support Services

  • Professional Atmosphere

  • Over 18 Work Vehicles On The Road

  • On-Site Work Trailers

  • Well Maintained Equipment

  • Earned Mutual Respect Among Workers
  • Interested?

    If you would like to improve your work environment and earn some respect for a job well done, stop at A. Domco, Inc. today. We are located at:
    510 Doe Run Road,
    East Fallowfield, PA 19320
    or call (610) 344-7000.

    Best time to call or stop by is 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM, or 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM

    Ask for Mr. Hilton, Operations Manager.

    Click here for directions.

    What our employees have to say:

    Working for A. Domco Inc., is probably the best career move I made. My experience with Domco has been inspired by challenge and creativity. This truly is a great company.
    Working here means I'm part of a team, and never have I worked with such a dedicated workforce who cares about my needs both on and off the job. It's the best company I've ever worked for!
    I really enjoy myself working here at Domco. Opportunities and responsibilities are common and it feels great to know that my contributions make a difference. Even with all the responsibilities here, Domco is always finding ways to help ensure a balance between my work and family.

    Current Open Positions:
    Job Title Job Description
    fd dsfsd
    Painter Please respond if you have 5 years experance in the field of fine home painting. You need a valid pa drivers lisense. In return we stay working 12 months a year ( no kiding) and offer a cheerie bright working atmosphere.
    Spray Painter We have one opening on our modern automated spray truck. We need someone who will do a perfect job spray painting new construction homes. Please contact us for salary and benifits.
    Supervisor We have one very high paid opening for a working supvisior. You have a proven track record, one we can verify, you have a valid pa drivers lisense, you posess the stong desire and motional personalty to lead our men and women. You bring a project in under budget, on time , and our customers love you. In return we will love you and treat you with respect and the rewards you need.
    Wallpaper Hanger We are now hireing one comerical and residential wallcovering installer with a track record we can verify. pa drivers, and tools required. Pay benifits match experance.

    Think you have what it takes? Fill out an application for employment.


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    510 Doe Run Road East Fallowfield, PA 19320-4244
    Telephone (610)344-7000