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Line Striping & Seal Coating

Regularly scheduled maintenance will increase the life or your paved surfaces and preserve your investment.


Beautification – Improved curb appeal with a velvety black color with an even-textured non slip finish.

Resists Water Penetration - The Asphalt Institute states: "the accumulation of moisture in pavement structures is probably the greatest cause of pavement distress!" Sealing the asphalt will prevent seepage of moisture from snow, rain, frost and freeze-thaw cycles.

Prevents Oxidation - The sun can oxidize the asphalt oils in pavement causing the asphalt to harden and dry out resulting in a reduction of the asphalts thickness by 50%, in just five years.

Resists Gas & Oil Penetration and Salt Damage - protects pavement against fuel & oil seepage, grease spillages and other road chemicals, especially winter salt.

  • New layout Line Striping
  • Line Re-striping
  • Traffic signs and Break Away Posts
  • Handicap Spaces - American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant
  • Directional Arrows
  • No Parking Zones
  • Fire Lanes
  • Crosswalks
  • Curb painting
  • Line removal/grinding
  • Seal coating & Crack Filling
  • Minor Asphalt Repair & Patching


Let the team at Domco design a comprehensive maintenance program suited to the needs and demands of your business or residential community. We will work to ensure customer safety for all your residents and patrons, while designing a program that enhances the appearance of your property over a longer period of time. Avoid early deterioration of

your paved surfaces with a small investment now to avoid huge costs later! Timely sealing of cracks and warn traffic patterns can prevent vehicle wear and tear, and improve the safety of both pedestrians and drivers!


Typically, your pavement will retain its appearance without showing the deterioration that takes place over time, until it is too late. Many factors have a hand in causing deterioration, but cumulatively, your paved surface can “look” adequate despite loosing up to 40% of its integrity. Once it reaches that point however, it will continue to deteriorate at a much more rapid rate. Early preventive maintenance consists of periodic evaluations, and cost effective sealing of cracks and crevices, pothole repairs, and correction of depressions that allow water to pool and seep into the surface. Each of these conditions creates a risk of further deterioration that will quickly ruin the entire paved surface structure, necessitating extensive and expensive repaving of the entire lot.When water is allowed to accumulate, in cracks or in depressions, it seeps far into the asphalt surface. Over time, it can cause the sand and gravel subsurface to wash away, or it can cause expansion and contraction of the otherwise static asphalt coating due to freezing and thawing temperature changes.


How can you know when it is the right time to consider repairs to your asphalt paving? Typically, a surface will retain its integrity for a period between 6 months to 3 years, depending on the weather, traffic volume and original preparation techniques. Areas that are prone to extended exposure to the sun or highly corrosive chemical additives to melt ice and snow build up, will require more frequent repairs. However, high traffic areas, especially where cracks have begun to appear, often experience shifting gravel and other factors that allow ruts and groves to appear in that can cause problems with driving,walking and pooling of water and debris.


The first sign and wear of your parking lot or paved surface is the development of a whitish film or spots on the black surface. These areas occur when water has seeped into the surface, allowing the salts, sand and gravel foundation to escape when the water evaporates. Though microscopic at this stage, the holes through which the water evaporates will soon develop into tiny cracks, and eventually lead to pot holes or even worse, undersurface foundation shifting, causing large depressions and ruts.

This process is progressive. Once cracks appear in your asphalt surface water is permitted to enter. Once frozen,water expands up to 150%.This expansion causes shifting of the solid asphalt surface and its gravel or sand foundation. As more water accumulates, more cracks and shifting occur and eventually pot holes will start to appear, leading to further deterioration. A quick and easy solution is to fill the cracks while they are small. This solution will improve the appearance and is much more cost effective than having to resurface you lot.


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