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Professional Equipment, Materials and Techniques

A true test of a quality service provider is the repeat business of its customers.After 35 years in the industry, Domco continues to service the same customers with its Maintenance Programs.We have been able to satisfy customers by making sure that our equipment is always well maintained and upgraded to the highest standards in the industry. In addition, we have designed and built custom equipment for faster and more efficient service to our customers.

Our Domco Shop is fully stocked with state of the art sprayers, scissor lifts, ladders, scaffold, and high reach equipment; everything necessary to respond to the needs of our customers. We inspect each and every one of our machines before sending them out on the job site to avoid unnecessary delay. We have constructed a well stocked warehouse for servicing our equipment and storing all of the material and sundries needed for your project, protecting the finishes against the variations in color from separate production runs of paints and wall coverings. All our equipment is maintained in our very own Warehouse located in East Fallowfield, PA.

Our Domco Vehicle Fleet includes all the vehicles and trailers necessary to create an onsite workshop wherever our work requires.With specialized trailers for each division, Domco can respond to any of your organizationís needs. By maintaining a state of the art shop,Domco has been able to build a fleet of custom designed vehicles that are equipped with the necessities for any job.


Our Domco Power Washing System includes a high power pressure washing trailer, equipped to three (3) separate tanks which we fill with an assortment of cleaning products, to be prepared for any cleaning need you may have. In addition, our system is capable of delivering up to 3500 psi of pressure, at a rate of 8 gallons of water per minute at a temperature of 230 degrees.We have top of the line conventional power washers, as well.

Our Domco Custom Spray Truck is equipped with two high power, adjustable spray machines, for flexibility applying different finishes and textures as the job requires.

Our Domco Auxiliary Equipment Fleet is comprised of all the auxiliary items necessary to enable Domco to respond to practically all of your organization needs, quickly and professionally.This fleet includes two interior scissor lift machines, a forklift, high reach with articulating arm, and two on-site off road vehicles for transporting equipment without damaging your landscape.


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