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Customer Service Web Account

Domco has introduced a new WEB BASED Customer Service initiative to provide even more responsive service to our customers. Once a contract is entered into with your Community, Manager or Associations, an account will be established for use by all members, managers and agents. Any one of these will be able to report a question or ask for an update on scheduling, progress, etc.

Auxiliary Services by A. Domco, Inc.

In addition to our interactive Customer Service Web accounts, Domco has a series of Auxiliary Services to better assist our Community Customers. These service include Interior and Exterior repairs, restorations and remodels. From Window Cleaning to sidewalk repair, from stucco patching to dryvit installation, from replacing worn wall paper with a brilliant texture coat, Domco performs all the tasks your Community needs. With competitive pricing and experienced technicians, Domco has the ability to help you maintain your Community, all within your budget. Why call another contractor to your site when Domco can handle all of your needs? Why complicate your job by adding several new contacts? Avoid the scheduling nightmare of multiple contactors!

Why would you choose any other contractor?

Auxiliary Services

What are Domco’s Auxiliary Services? It happens over and over again, as soon as you fix one item, another needs work or at the very least, some sprucing up. Let Domco take care of them for you. With one call we will take care of it all as just one of the value-added features we offer.

Exterior Services

Have certain items that need attention but are not on the schedule for this year?
While we are on site, let Domco handle those miscellaneous items that pop up:

  • Rusted Stairs need resurfaced?
  • Old stairs in need of replacement?
  • New deck not match the old? Stain it.
  • Sun beating on a door? Ad awnings
  • Mildew or mold you want removed?
  • Homeowner looking for a new deck? Wood or composite, call Domco.
  • EFIS and Dryvit Repairs can challenge even experienced contractors

Call Domco for a Job Done Right.


Interior Services

Have a unit or area that has sustained minor damage that just needs repairs outside of the scheduled maintenance? Looking for a contractor to perform interior painting, wall papering, or other services? Call Domco

  • Professional and friendly technicians
  • Work with little interruption
  • 30 Years respectful professional service
  • Repair or Replace Wall Paper
  • Repair or Redo Texture Coating or Faux

Remodeling Through Resurfacing

Adding stucco or other textures can enhance your interior: Resurface Columns Create new Effects

Need your windows Cleaned?
Domco does that, too!!
Call Domco for all your Community Needs!


Drivit and E.F.I.S Repair and Restoration

Property Maintenance Isn’t Limited to Paint !
If your Community is tired of its look, afraid it may outdate,d or tired looking, consider adding an exterior finish that protects, preserves and insulates!

Dryvit and EFIS are two common products used by builders which are both aesthetic and functional. By adding an exterior surface coat of Dryvit or EFIS, you can add insulation against harsh winter cold and hot summer rays.

Installing these products requires experience, as well as the right equipment and proper product selection. We used these products in 2003 when we converted our own warehouse from a 1950’s gasoline station. The results speak for themselves. Here are some other examples of how a limited

Suggested Community Specifications

Professional Bid Specifications for Painting and Staining Cedar Siding

  1. General Scope of Project
    The purpose of this project is to implement a painting program to insure that the exterior building surfaces of the Project name Units are adequately protected from the outside elements. The intent of this bid solicitation is to locate and retain a professional painting Contractor for the purpose of completing the necessary preparation and application work. This contract will be based on a per unit cost basis; the work will be completed in phases as described in Section 4 of this outline.
  2. Examination of Job Site
    Bidders are to examine the job site to obtain first hand knowledge of existing conditions. It is the responsibility of the Contractor to determine the extent of the work required in this project such as but not limited to: preparation, application (materials, methods, and number of coats), and cleanup. The Contractor will not be given extra payment for work resulting from conditions which could have been determined by examining the site, documents and the testing of materials described within these Specifications. An advance appointment by the Contractor with the Project name Office for the examination of the job site is required.
  3. General Site Requirements
    The following requirements have been established to reduce inconvenience to the residents, avoid unnecessary problems, and to minimize contractor inefficiency and expense. Make sure these guidelines are very clearly understood; full compliance to them will be required during completion of all work.
    1. The Contractor is required to keep the manager informed of the scheduling of work, progress of work, and work unable to be completed because of deteriorated surface conditions.
    2. The Contractor is required to keep residents informed, giving them reasonable advance notice of each work phase (prep, washing, staining, etc.) so they can make suitable arrangements to help expedite the work. Coordination of unlocking the windows is of particular importance.
    3. The Contractor's employees are to be instructed to be courteous to the residents and to respect their property. Employees are not to assume that residents’ possessions can be moved or used without permission. The Contractor is required to use extreme caution around flowers, shrubs, and other plants. Contractor damage will be corrected at Contractor's expense.
  4. Scope of Work
    The work shall include the painting of exterior siding, wood trim, garage doors, front doors, chimney caps, vent pipe flashing sleeves, exposed PVC pipes including those penetrating the roof, etc. for units numbered through inclusive. The work includes:
    Residential units - siding, front doors, etc. trash compartments Mail box shelves attached to the various garages garages, garage doors - siding and trim The electric meters, other utility boxes, range hoods, chimney caps, etc, attached to the buildings are to be painted to blend into the surface to which they are attached.
  5. Manpower and Supervision Requirements
    Contractor is to supply sufficient experienced manpower with knowledge of the work and project to complete work in an efficient and expeditious manner. Contractor will be required to meet the minimum manpower requirements set forth herein:
    1. A minimum of four (4-6) experienced painters are required to be on site at all times during completion of the work, each to have four (4) or more years of experience.
    2. The manager reserves the right to have the Contractor submit proof of employee experience.
    3. Contractor is responsible to supervise all aspects of this project including the work, manpower and quality control.
    4. If Contractor can not personally be present all day each day work is being completed, one (1) job foreman is to be designated for the duration of the project.
    5. The job foreman is to assume the supervisory responsibilities of the Contractor and is to be present on site at all times during the completion of the work.
    6. The job foreman is to be an experienced mechanic with a minimum of six (6) or more years experience.
    7. Contractor shall furnish all labor, supervision, material, paints, thinners, ladders, equipment, brushes, rags, spray equipment, drop clothes, etc. as may be required to complete the work described herein.
    8. Contractor shall provide a Port-a-Potty for duration of time on the premises and a cosmetically appealing trailer for all equipment and materials to be properly stored at the end of the day.
    9. Contractor’s employees, during break time, must be inconspicuous to residents, homes, lawns, etc.
    10. Contractor shall be responsible for the security and storage of all equipment and materials. All storage shelters, portable Johnnies and locations thereof shall be as approved by the Managing Agent.
    11. Proper attire - will be required at all times and for security reasons workmen must wear a uniform identifying the company with whom they are employed. If required, contractor shall provide to the Managing Agent, a full list of employees and any additional information needed to provide a security check.
    12. Days of work - Monday thru Friday. Time of work - 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

      Contractor shall exercise extreme care with regard to the shingle roof areas during the course of the work as the shingles are easily damaged. Chicken ladders shall be utilized to protect the shingles when working from the roof. Damage to shingles shall be at the expense of the Contractor.
  6. Preparation of Work Surfaces
    Contractor shall exercise extreme care in preparing the wood siding for the application of the paint. The wood siding is cedar and is basically soft wood. Power wash equipment must be operated by an experienced operator so that the wood is not unduly damaged. The intent of the power spray is to remove the loose, scaling paint and the portion of wood siding which has been degraded by ultra violet light exposure. Too strong a spray will remove the pulp and raise the grain causing an unsatisfactory appearance. The equipment to be utilized shall be capable of delivering a minimum of 2400 psi and 4 gpm. The operator shall use a 30 degree tip and maintain a distance of 12-14 inches from the surface or as needed and/or unless directed otherwise.

    For mildew and algae contaminated areas, the washing solution shall be Power D Mildew Sterilizer and Detergent as manufactured by Finnaren & Haley. The Power D Mildew Sterilizer and Detergent is to be mixed with clean water and applied at 200-250 sq. ft. per gallon (4-8 wet mils in thickness) in accordance with Finnaren & Haley recommendations. Wait at least 20 minutes for the material to do its job and rinse thoroughly with a garden hose. TSP may be used to help clean the surface, however rinsing is required. CAUTION: Do not let the Power D Mildew Sterilizer and Detergent dry on the surface. If applied in hot weather, a light water mist should be applied to keep it damp for easy removal. Wait at least 48 hours after using the Power D Mildew Sterilizer and Detergent and cleaning operation - or longer if moisture is not at approved level - before applying the Storm Plate 30 Acrylic Stabilizer and Hardener.

    The wash spray shall be directed so that it’s force will not direct the solution under the siding, back of the flashing, or directly against glass surfaces. The operation of the spray unit shall be controlled so that the wooden surfaces are not damaged by excessive force of the spraying materials. The power washer shall be operated at about 1500 PSI, using a 30 degree tip or as required by the job to remove all dirt, loose paint, fibers, etc. to provide a clean, dry rough paintable surface.

    After the wooden surfaces have dried from the power washing, exposed weathered wood must be sanded approximately 1/32 of an inch to remove deteriorated wood fibers, thus exposing the un-weathered wood surface for the Storm Plate 30 Acrylic Wood Stabilizer and Hardener. NOTE: Contractor shall re-nail the areas where nail heads were removed by the sanding process. Contractor shall sand and/or scrape as required to feather-in painted to unpainted surfaces, and to remove any remaining loose paint, lifted wood fibers or grain raised by the power washing. Contractor to scuff sand any glossy smooth areas. Flat grain boards are a problem and the darkened grain areas shall be scuffed-up to provide a suitable paint surface.

    Contractor shall power wash a sample area consisting of the side of a garage unit to gain approval of the power washing technique. Loose paint shall be removed by scraping, and the area will then be hand sanded as required. This area will then serve as the model for the project. In instances where the Contractor determines a particular piece of siding is too severely damaged by ultra violet light degradation to permit a suitable appearance after the painting, or if the siding is badly warped or rotted, it shall be the responsibility of the Contractor to mark such pieces and the Managing Agent shall review same on a case by case basis. The Managing Agent will have any unsatisfactory siding replaced at their expense.

    The Contractor is responsible for the following during the course of the work:
    1. Covering all trees (as possible) and shrubs for their protection during the pressure washing and spray painting.
    2. Flushing with clear water after the power washing, approximately ten (10) minutes, or until no residue remains.
    3. Removing all loose caulking. Replacing caulking with a clear or brown paintable extended life silicone product.
    4. Siding board ends, exposed to packed snow and/or rain, should be sealed and protected, areas such as dormers are of particular concern.
    5. Re-nailing any loose boards discovered during the course of the work and replacing all nails where the head is removed during the preparation of work.
    6. Removing all downspouts, house numbers, unit numbers on garages, mailboxes, etc. before painting and replacing same immediately after paint has dried. All disconnected downspouts and mail boxes must be reconnected at the end of each work day.
    7. Masking windows, gutters, downspouts, light fixtures, sliding doors, roof shingles adjacent to siding, etc. as required to prevent overspray onto these surfaces. The masking shall be removed and disposed of each day at the completion of work on the unit.
    8. Protecting all plantings, shrubs, decks, patios and all residents’ personal property with drop clothes. Debris created by the Contractor shall be removed at the end of each work day. Any spills or splatters of paint shall be cleaned and removed by the Contractor.
    9. Replacing or paying for any damage to personal property, plantings or buildings caused by the contract work crew.
  7. Work Where Awnings Exist
    In areas where awnings are in place, the Contractor shall disconnect the awning from the unit and roll it back as required to paint. When the paint has dried, the awning shall immediately be reattached to the unit. Care must be exercised so that overspray will not carry onto the awning
  8. Materials
    The Contractor shall furnish the following materials or an approved equal.
    1. The power washing solution to be Finnaren & Haley products Detergent - #238-202, Mildew Sterilizer - #238-203.
    2. Sealer for the siding, trim and all wooden surfaces to be Finnaren & Haley Storm Plate 30 Acrylic Wood Stabilizer and Hardener - #725-999.
    3. Paint for the siding, trim, garage doors, front doors, etc. to be Finnaren & Haley Storm Plate 30 Acrylic Exterior Paint - #650- series.
    4. All paint to be delivered to the job site in full, unopened containers. All paint tinting to be done in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations at the factory using dry ground colorants, and in all cases when possible, inorganic tints. Formula for final color selection shall be submitted and verified by manufacture to contain only inorganic tints, dry ground, for approval.
    5. Gutters and downspouts will not be painted except as may be required for touch-up during the course of work.
  9. Application Precautions
    Apply sealer or paint only when air, product and surface temperatures are at 50 degrees and rising or higher and at least 5 degrees above the dew point and out of direct sunlight as much as is possible. Avoid painting late in the day when dew or condensation is likely to form, or when rain is threatening. All wood surfaces must be thoroughly dry prior to proceeding with the sealer. Contractor must have a moisture meter on site at all times and shall determine prior to starting coating on any surface that the moisture content is below 15% at the time of application. The moisture meter shall be available to the Managing Agent for spot checking of the moisture content. The sealer must be thoroughly dry before proceeding with the paint.
  10. Application Paint Materials
    1. Storm Plate 30 Acrylic Wood Stabilizer and Hardener
      1. Apply one (1) full coat of Storm Plate 30 Acrylic Wood Stabilizer and Hardener to all clean, bare wood surfaces using a spray application followed by back brushing, (NOTE: thorough back brushing of material is an absolute must), at 5.3 to 6.1 wet mils to rough surfaces. Approximate spreading rate is 250-300 sq. ft. per gallon. Special attention is to be given to small cracks or splits in the wood surface by applying additional material deep into the crack to assure sealing of the exposed area if possible.
      2. Apply one (1) full coat of Storm Plate 30 Wood Acrylic Stabilizer and Hardener to all pre-weathered painted surfaces using a spray application followed by back brushing at 3.2 to 3.6 wet mils. Approximate spreading rate is 450-500 sq. ft. per gallon. Spray application over an already sealed surface need not be back brushed.
    2. B. Storm Plate 30
      1. Apply one (1) full coat of Storm Plate 30 Acrylic Wood Siding Finish to siding using a spray application at 3.5 to 4.0 wet mils per coat followed by back brushing as may be required to level the material. If a second coat of finish is needed the first coat shall be slightly lighten in color to help the Managing Agent to identify any holidays or inadequate millage.
      2. Apply one (1) full coat of Storm Plate 30 Acrylic Exterior Paint to trim and garage doors at an application rate of 3.5 to 4.0 wet mils per coat using a bush or roller application as may be appropriate.
      3. Front door surfaces shall be sanded as required and then wiped to remove any dust or other accumulated extraneous materials. Following preparation, one (1) full coat of Storm Plate 30 shall be brushed applied. Door hardware must be masked as required.
  11. Paint Colors
    1. In so far as possible, colors are to be mixed using inorganic pigments for the best color retention. When the selection of colors is being made, the Finnaren & Haley computer shall be utilized to fulfill this requirement.
    2. The paint colors shall be selected from samples provided by the Contractor. The siding, trim and door colors will be similar to those existing.
    3. Once a group of colors is selected, the Contractor shall paint a garage end wall with the selected samples for approval. This work will be completed prior to ordering the materials for the project.
    4. The labor and materials required for the sample work is included in this scope of work.
    5. Colors of the final selections shall be formulated to match as closely as possible the sample colors chosen for the project.
  12. Commencement of Work
    1. Once the work is started, it shall progress in a timely manner without stoppage by the Contractor except for adverse weather conditions.
    2. Completion of a minimum of three (3) clusters per week is considered an acceptable work schedule.
    3. As the work progresses, the Contractor shall communicate with the Managing Agent in the event that any unforeseen circumstances arise which are not explicitly covered in these specifications so that the Contractor and the Managing Agent can determine how to proceed.
  13. Insurance
    Contractor shall provide a suitable Certificate of Insurance to the Managing Agent prior to commencement of work confirming that Contractor carries insurance with limits not less than the following:
    1) Workmen’s Compensation Statutory Limited
    2) Comprehensive General liability $2,000,000
    1. Bodily Injury/Property Damage
    2. Personal Injury
    3. Products/Completed Operations
    4. Broad Form Property Damage
    3) Automobile Liability Policy $2,000,000
    Bodily Injury/Property Damage Such certificate shall require the insurance carrier to give the owner ten (10) days written notification before any cancellation of such policy or reduction of the amount certified.
  14. Payment Schedule
    Contractor shall submit billing on a weekly or monthly basis for labor which has been performed and for materials delivered to the job site. Payments to Contractor are to be made within ten (10) working days of submittal of a bill.

    Ten percent (10%) of the total contract price of each invoice will be held until the work is completed and accepted by the Managing Agent after final inspection. Managing Agent agrees to complete a final inspection within one (1) month of the completion of the project, weather conditions permitting. If such inspection is not completed within the one month period, material and labor will be deemed acceptable.
  15. Miscellaneous
    Contractor agrees to provide a full crew of employees working on the project at all times until the work is completed.

    Contractor is to avoid clogging soffit vents with the paint materials. If material should clog vents, workers shall remove clogged materials.
  16. Bid Schedule
    A. Sealed bids shall be due in the office of the Managing Agent by no later than .
    B. It is anticipated if the bids are acceptable, that a contract can be awarded on or before

Maintenance Specifications

Unless otherwise specifically stated, materials must comply with the manufacturer's recommended plans and specifications to Contractor. All material and workmanship furnished are subject to inspection and test by the Owner/Agent at any and all times. Should such inspection prove the materials or workmanship to be defective, unsuitable or in any way failing to conform, the Contractor shall, within three (3) working days after receiving written notice from the Owner/Agent to that effect, replace all defective materials or re-do any defective work. Should the Contractor refuse or neglect to do so to the satisfaction and approval of the Owner/Agent, Owner/Agent shall have the right to provide the necessary materials or labor, and to proceed to finish and make good all work or materials, the costs thereof shall be deducted from any amount due to Contractor, or if there is not a sufficient amount due to Contractor to off set said expense, then Contractor agrees to pay the same to Owner/Agent. Owner/Agent shall have the right to provide the necessary materials and labor and proceed to finish and make good all work and materials at the expense of the Contractor.

Any and all disputes and/or disagreements shall be settled by the election of one party by Owner/Agent, the election of one party by Contractor, and an agreed-upon third party by Contractor and Owner/Agent.

The Contractor agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Owner/Agent against loss or expense by reason of liability imposed by law upon the Owner/Agent for damages because of bodily injuries, including death at anytime resulting therefrom, sustained by any person or persons, and injury to or destruction of property caused by accident, due to any act or omission of the Contractor as contemplated under this agreement.

The time of completion of this work is recognized by the parties to be of the essence in this contract. The Contractor undertakes to complete the several portions and the whole of the work between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday unless the Owner/Agent directs otherwise. The Contractor shall provide a sufficient number of skilled workmen for the execution of the work and shall dismiss any employee whom the Owner/Agent deems incompetent, insubordinate, or otherwise objectionable. It is agreed that no part of this ARTICLE shall be in conflict with any State or Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws. Should the Contractor at any time refuse, neglect, or be unable to supply a sufficient number of properly skilled workmen or material insufficient quantity or proper quality or fail in any manner to prosecute the work promptly and with diligence, the Owner/Agent shall be at liberty to provide or employ any other person to provide (after three (3) working days notice to the Contractor of such intention) such labor or materials and deduct the cost thereof from any money due or thereafter to become due to the Contractor or recover such cost from him. Contractor shall be responsible for loss or damage due to his employees or suppliers damaging the work of the Contractor or other contractors, subcontractors or suppliers.

Contractor shall not substitute any other person, firm or corporation to do any of the work or provide any of the materials herein contracted to without written permission from Owner/Agent to make such substitution.

Any alteration or deviation from the above specifications involving extra cost for material or labor will be permitted only upon written order (s) from the Owner/Agent for same, and will become an extra charge over the sum mentioned in this contract. NO WAIVER OF THIS PROVISION SHALL BE DEEMED A PRECEDENT FOR FURTHER WAIVERS OF THIS REQUIREMENT.

The Contractor shall comply with all law, ordinances, rules and regulations and pay for all applications licenses, permits, fees, etc., as required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the local government within whose geographical jurisdiction the work is being performed.

All taxes of whatever nature and description now in force or hereafter enacted during the progress or the completion of the work and arising out of the work shall be paid by the Contractor and the amount thereof is included in the contract price. The Contractor further agrees to pay all taxes required to be paid by him as specified by the Federal Social Security Act and State Unemployment Compensation Law applicable to the work covered by this agreement, and to indemnify and hold harmless the Owner/Agent as to all sums (including penalties and interest) which said Owner/Agent may be required to pay by reason of any failure of the Contractor to pay said taxes.

The said parties for themselves, their heirs, successors, executors, administrators and agents do hereby agree to full performance of the covenants herein contained.

Time is of the essence in this contract. However, time shall be adjusted for any weather, or circumstances beyond Contractor's control.

Service At Its Best

A. Domco, Inc. wants to be Your Community Maintenance Partner!

Inside or Outside. The entire Community or Just One Unit. Whatever your community’s needs, Domco has THE ANSWER.. Here are just a few of the services we offer:


  • Interior and Exterior Painting!
  • Wall covering and Texture Coating!
  • Repairs and remodeling!
  • Add chair rails, crown and/or trim!
  • Revive Wood Stain and Grains
  • Pressure washing and Cleaning!
  • Deck Stains and Repairs
  • New and Custom Decks/Patios/Stairs!
  • Garage Transformations: floors—walls


  • Seal Coat
  • Line Striping
  • Patio Washing
  • Walk, patio and concrete Resurfacing
  • Concrete Decorations
  • Pool and Deck Coatings or Colors
  • New Parking Lot Design and Patterns
  • Sidewall Repairs
  • New or Reconstructed Stairways
  • Seal and Coat Aluminum
  • Revitalize tarnished Metals of all kinds
  • Remove Efflorescence and Seal Brick
  • Moisture Barriers for Stucco and Brick


Why Choice Domco? Because of our Value Added Service Orientation!

  • At Domco, we have spent over 30 years developing techniques, product lines and custom equipment to ensure we deliver the best service available.
  • We devote our entire staff to ensure our jobs are done property and to our Customers’ Satisfaction.
  • Our entire crew of technicians, including painters, paper hangers, artisans, carpenters and drivers, are continuously updated about the newest technological and product developments.
  • We have developed industry wide training tapes and materials which re available for use by our customers:
    • Custom Specifications
    • Suggested Bid Requirements
    • Video Instruction Tapes
  • Attend Community Board Meetings address and answer question, give demonstrations and discuss available service and pricing options for your project.

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