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  • Excellent reputation for painting and wall covering, stains, textured, as well as faux and multi-spec finishes.
  • 30 years of devotion to our philosophy and goal: Customer Satisfaction.
  • Experienced painters and technicians contribute knowledge, commitment and skill to every project.
  • State of The Art Warehouse,
  • Properly maintained equipment for prompt deployment to answer customer’s needs and solve problems as a team.
  • A fleet of custom designed vehicles: trucks, vans, Dual Spray Truck, scissor lifts, high reaches, seal coat and stripper.
  • All materials are tested and stored in advance for consistency and promptness.

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Managers, Field Supervisors, Technicians who make your projects successful and worry free.

  • Helping to restore and maintain residential communities and planned developments.
  • Achievement through insistence upon quality workmanship and appreciation of wall coating’s contribution to a home’s value.
  • We deliver the best finish technology has to offer for every surface we encounter.

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Siding and Deck Maintenance

Many communities choose Domco's Cedar Siding and Deck Maintenance Program to protect the integrity of their homes and prolong the beauty of their wood surfaces. Along with a scheduled maintenance program for wood replacement, sidewalk repair, and parking lot seal coating and line striping, A. Domco, Inc. offers a maintenance program designed for your community's individual needs.

Our Siding Maintenance Program:

Cedar siding is a strong, natural element that is earth friendly, durable and attractive. With proper maintenance, your siding can extend its look, color and surface integrity for many years, without the high cost of repair or replacement for the entire community.

Siding maintenance recommendations:

  • Proper seasonal preparation, i.e. winterizing decks;
  • Frequently spot checking problem areas where mold and mildew build-up;
  • Timely repairs to damaged Aluminum and Wood Siding and trim, as well as Stucco;
  • Ensuring the siding is cleaned and preserved with a quality finish coat ever 6 to 8 years.

What causes wood to deteriorate?

  • Over time, lack of proper cleaning, along with the sun and harsh weather accelerate the deterioration of your wood's structure, causing a dull, rough surface to develop.
  • Rough surfaces splinter, crack and peel, allowing moisture to infiltrate the wood’s fibers.
  • Changes in temperature cause expansion and contraction, compromising the integrity of the static or old exterior coating. Moisture seeps through to the underlying surface, resulting in warping and fragments pulling away from the surface. With more time the coating continues to wear and the cycle perpetuates

Why hire a professional to maintain your wood surfaces?

  • Proper preparation and application are the key to a lasting preservative finish.
  • When properly cleaned, prepared and applied, a good wood finish will protect your wood siding against all the outdoor elements, including beating heat from the sun, insect attack and general decay.
  • Access to the best products and the equipment necessary for good adherence.
  • Not all deterioration is readily visible; after washing, we inspect for undetected deterioration and essential repairs.
  • Fresh and intact siding improves your home's insulation performance.
  • Professionally replaced siding enhances your home’s value.

Stucco Repair and Maintenance

Many communities in this region use stucco for their exterior walls. It is an attractive, durable and economical material. Formulated with a cementatious base, it is applied to create textures and impart color variations.

Procedures for restoration of existing stucco and new applications:

  • Each job begins with a thorough power wash to remove loose or peeling paint
  • All windows, shrubs and landscaping is masked and protected.
  • All exposed and unexposed areas are inspected and marked for repair
  • Proper patching techniques are used to coordinate with textures and colors
  • Efflorescence– inhibited with primers wherever needed.
  • Prior to final application, all work is inspected for quality and texture.
  • Protective coats of adhesives, water proofing products sealants are applied Anyone can apply a stucco patch; only professionals can make your building look like new or even better!


Stucco is porous, prone to penetration from exterior and interior water or moisture sources. Rain water run off flows into seems in the roof and siding accumulates .

Over time, the water causes the bonding agents to deteriorate and the stucco starts pulling away from the wall, resulting in bulges and cracks in the finish coat.

Stucco Repairs:

  • Loose or damage plaster removed
  • Where needed lath or mesh added.
  • Highest quality materials that meet with A.S.T.M. standards.
  • Proper drying and curing time allowed

To repel moisture that can accelerate the deterioration of the porous surface, Domco includes an Elastomeric coating with all stucco applications. Elastic to combat contraction and expansion of temperature changes, this thick, viscous product fills cracks and ensures a smooth transition into the existing plaster.

General Siding Challenges

Anti - Graffiti Coatings

Preventive Approach to Graffiti! Graffiti– It comes in the middle of the night and leaves a lasting impression, literally and figuratively. Many attempts to remove offending writing fail due to damage caused to the wood or siding or because of the residue left behind. Avoid the hassle of Graffiti.


  • Resists scuff marks adhesive tape, stains
  • Easy to clean
  • Stands up to abrasives
  • Resists yellowing
  • Inhibits molds
  • Insect-resistant
  • Weather-resistant
  • Durable
  • Water-based
  • Earth friendly

Exterior Pressure Washing To Protect, Clean and Restore.

Pressure washing with the correct mix of heat and power can cleanse concrete, cement and brick of these contaminants:

Phosphorus and Lime:

  • Porous materials: brick, cement, pavers
  • Leaching chloride and road salts

  Black Spots on Vinyl Siding

Everyone has seen them, but few know what they are, let alone how to get rid of them!

  • Black spots on vinyl siding
  • Near impossible to remove
  • Leaves stain, similar to tar
  • Seen as high a second story window!

These spots are actually a fungus, often referred to as artillery fungus or shotgun fungus. They grow in the mulch of your landscaping beds

Remove Moss, Molds and Mildew

  • Live organisms
  • Slippery growths on walkways, patios, driveways, porches and patios
  • Slimy coatings on walls
  • Unsightly discolorations

Prevention and Elimination:

The best solutions include heated water temperatures. That is why Domco employs its Customized Pressure Wash Truck at several communities. Equipped with a selfcontained heated water tank it reaches up to 200 degrees and 3600PSI .

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