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When Quality Investment Counts

Exterior Property

Seal Coat and Line Striping Services

Seal Coat : Extend Life of Pavement


  • Improved curb appeal : velvety black color even-textured, non-slip

Resist Water Penetration

  • The Asphalt Institute "the accumulation of moisture in pavement .. is probably the greatest cause of pavement distress!"
  • Repel snow, rain, and frost
  • Avoid freeze-thaw cycles

Prevent Oxidation

  • Stop sun oxidized asphalt oils
  • Prevent hardening and drying that reduce asphalts thickness

Resist Penetration Damage

  • Gas, oil, grease spills
  • Road chemicals and salt
  • Moss and algae

Let Domco Protect Your Lot !!

  • Seal Coating & Crack Filling
  • Minor Asphalt Repair & Patching


Line Striping: Improve Your Lots

  • New Designs and Layout
  • Traffic Patterns
  • Handicap Spaces - ADA compliant
  • Line Re-striping
  • Directional Arrows
  • Speed Bumps
  • Break Away Posts
  • No Parking Zones
  • Fire Lanes
  • Crosswalks
  • Curb painting
  • Line removal/ grinding


Take care of all your parking lot and driveway need with just one call .....

Outdoor Living

Considering a NEW or DIFFERENT DECK?

Today, thanks to modern environs friendly technology, your choices for constructing a new deck or replacing an existing one are as broad as your imagination. No matter your personal preference, there is a decking material to suit your needs, including: Composite, Plastic, Vinyl, Pressure Treated or Aluminum.

Natural Wood Decks: Natural wood is still ecologically friendly and offers a wide variety of color, texture and design options.

Alternative Deck Features: Looking for an alternative to wood, several good choices are available, each with unique features.


1. Waterproof: resistant to warping, splitting, cupping and decay. 2. Performance: increased color and surface integrity, fade and corrosion resistant 3. Flame resistant. 4. Design Flexibility: Boards can vary by width, texture or color. 5. Temperature Safe: Lower risk of expansion and contraction. 6. Most include environmentally friendly premium recycled wood and polymers. 7. Easy care and maintenance. 8. Safety: slip resistance even when wet.


Accessories: Protective or Ornamental:
: Carved, Beveled, Square, Rectangular, Spindled, Round, Stone, Brick, Iron Copper, Pewter, Glass, Lighted

Roofing repairs and Maintenance

A. Domco, Inc. Will Help You Make The Right Decision for Your Roofing Needs

Choosing the Right Roofing Materials:
Roof materials can be divided into several categories. The right one for your community building depends on how you answer the following questions:

Questions to Ask Before Deciding to Reroof or Repair:
What type of building are you looking to repair or re-roof? What are your concerns when making the decision to re-roof or repair? What material are you most interested in exploring? Do you have long term needs? Are you interested in the impact on nature? Will you be doing the repairs and maintenance? What type of construction or design is your building’s roof?

Questions that You May Want Answered About Your Existing or New Roof: What are the most common causes of roof problems? Shingle loss or deterioration? Why is my roof the only one in the development with a mossy green build-up? Is my existing roof made of the right material for my community’s environment? Can I find more efficient insulation roofing material? Why does my roof spring a new leak each year? Do I have faulty installation? How can I make sure my roof will last? How will my roof tolerate snow and/or ice build-up? What is the best for waterproofing?

Buildings that Influence Roofs:
Bungalow or Cottage
Contemporary or Historic
Ornamental or Ranch


Common Roof Designs that may Influence Roofing Decisions:
Flat or California Roofs Steep Pitch or Sloped Roofs Gabled or Architectural Designs

Popular Roofing Material Choices:

Concrete and Cement Maintenance

Put the best foot forward for your Community by cleaning and refinishing concrete and pavers.

Custom Pavers with run off and grease.

Two of the most commonly used products in the homebuilding industry.

  • Strong, versatile and durable.
  • However, as with most construction materials, without proper maintenance and cleaning, they deteriorate and become unsightly.
  • Many community associations retain control over common areas that include mass sections of concrete and cement.
  • Used for basement floors and walls, garage floors, driveways, sidewalks or even patios.
  • Making sure the concrete for any community is cared for properly is easy, when done professionally.
  • Maintaining these areas can be as simple as a periodic cleaning to remove stains and dirt build up, to repair or replacement.

A. Domco, Inc.
experienced and equipped to maintain
all your community's concrete.


Our Services:
Repair Worn and Spalled Concrete

Stain and Dirt Removal:

Domco’s Customer Pressure Washing system will work Wonders

  • New or old, concrete or cement
  • Eliminate stains from auto exhaust and oil leaks
  • Mold and chemicals.
  • Professionally restore the look of any surface

Protective Coatings and Sealants:

  • Prohibit moisture penetration
  • Prevent stains from oils, grease, tires
  • Avoid peeling latex paints
  • Slip Resistance and Safety

Decorate and Preserve:

  • Color pallets to please any taste.
  • Art, patterns, fleck systems and acid wash or etching.
  • Transform a warn garage into a useful room.
  • Pools, Patios, Common Areas

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