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Interior Building

Interior Flooring Maintenance

Whether your building is new or being remodeled, a residence or common area, upgrading and customizing its floors can add greatly to its appeal and increase its value.

Some benefits of a new floor!

  • Versatility: light commercial and residential bathrooms, cafeterias, classrooms, day cares, offices, kitchens, stores, hospitals and laboratories. Commercial, Industrial and Residential Garage Floors.
  • Function: safe, more sanitary, durable, repels water, stains and abuse.
  • Use for traffic patterns and aisles.
  • Maintenance: resurfacing worn floors, lots, walkways
  • Withstands detergents and cleaners. Quartz-Metallic


  • Care: Damp mop with clean water.
  • No wax gloss and shine.
  • Beatification: Customize! Combine color, texture, design.

Why Choose Domco?

  • Customer Satisfaction!
  • Knowledgeable and professional.
  • Domco knows the methods, materials and equipment to provide the level of beauty our customers expect.
  • Our job is never done until the Customer is Satisfied!

Our Services:

  • Cleaning: Professional pressure wash and stain removal
  • Repairing: Resurfacing and filling cracks
  • Decorating: Paint, Stain, Acid wash or etching, stamped patterns.
  • Materials: Concrete, stone, tile, wood
  • Applications: Sanitation, Food Service
  • Recreation: Patios, pools and decks

Interior Maintenance and Upkeep

Wall Coverings

Installing wall paper and coverings requires experience, let Domco do it for you!

Wall covering comes is all sorts of material:

  • Patterned wallpaper
  • Solid Vinyl
  • Flocked
  • Paper backed fabric
  • Borders
  • Relief style
  • Vinyl coated
  • Foil
  • Grass, Cloth, Burlap

Wall covering can be applied anywhere:

  • Ceilings Cathedral
  • Doors
  • Two story walls
  • Stairwells

Skill is required to perform repairs properly:

  • Repair cracks and holes
  • Remove existing paper
  • Repair moisture damage
  • Repair tears
  • Remove Peeling paint
  • Repair nail pops

Painting and Staining

Interior Painting by Domco

As professionals we take these precautions:

  • Masking all floors, windows, doors, hardware and furniture, as necessary
  • Removing all nails and repair holes
  • Eliminating all dirt and debris
  • Sanding and caulking as necessary
  • High quality finishes

Texture Coating

Performance Characteristics:

  • Exterior: Water proofing
  • Flexible to temperatures
  • Fade resistant
  • Ability to repel dirt
  • Water permeable
  • Interior: Water proof
  • Moisture permeable
  • Repels unsightly and odorous molds & dirt
  • Fade resistant

Faux Finishes
Use your imagination!
Wood Staining
Expose natural beauty

Let Domco help you transform your community through color and design, employing painting techniques, wall coverings and texture applications to bring out the inner beauty and aesthetic appeal of your property. Any community can look new again.

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