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What Traits make A. Domco, Inc. so Unique?


A. Communication With Every Step

We believe that an informed community is our best asset. By keeping the home owners and property managers aware of our progress, we help eliminate worries and concerns, and we provide as much advanced notice as possible so that you can take the steps necessary to prepare your home and any exterior decorations that may need safeguarding. We have a series of color coordinated Notices designed to address any questions that may arise through any stage of the maintenance process.

We make sure that each homeowner is supplied an explanatory booklet, introducing our company, with samples of Notices that will be hand delivered prior to each phase, with expected start dates. Our Booklet is designed to provide detailed information on every aspect of the work being done and to answer every question in advance.

B. Phased Approach

Large or small, your community is a home for each of its residents. By performing our services in stages, we have learned the best way to cause as little interruption to your use and enjoyment of you rhomes as possible. Our approach has also proven effective in enhancing our ability to predict the extent of work needed each year, and helping you plan your budget. We divided the process into these stages:

Phase One: Introductory Booklet:
Mailed 30 days prior to work commencing.

Phase Two: Preliminary Inspection:
Whether our contract is for a single year or part of our multi-year series, we will perform a thorough inspection of your entire property to help identify any areas of concern.

Phase Three: Power Wash:
As soon as seasonably possible, our staff will begin the first task in our maintenance program, the Pressure Washing Phase. Notices of the expected dates for each unit will be distributed, along with instructions for removing your personal property, i.e. chairs and decorations, and asking you to insure your doors and windows are tightly closed.

Phase Four: Surface Preparation
After power washing, a Second Inspection is performed to reveal and document any additional areas of concern. Domco’s representative will meet you, your board or your management company representative, to devise a strategic plan for addressing the problem areas, through wood replacement, stucco repair and surface preparation, prior to applying the finish coat.

Phase Five: Wood Replacement: Domco’s team of experienced and skilled carpenters will remove only those portions of the wood siding that needs to be replaced, preserving the remaining areas. Whenever possible, the new wood

Phase Six: Stucco
Proper preparation ensured a good result. Domco’s craftsmen will patch the damage areas to match existing patterns, textures and colors.

Phase Seven: Finish Application:
Once in place, the new stucco and siding will receive its specified layers of finish, along with the final coat of finish throughout the community, resulting in a uniform application and appearance.

Phase Eight: Final Inspection:
Once your home or unit has been completed, we will issue another notice, asking for your feedback and assistance identifying any areas that still may need our attention.

Phase Nine: Satisfied Customers:
Domco’s team of skilled and experienced technicians go all-out to please our customers . Our mission is to take care of the maintenance of your Community so that you do not have to, and that means taking care of it the way you would.


Sample Community Notice

Sample Community Notice

Sample Bid Specifications

Sample Bid Specifications
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