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Important Job Site Philosophy

Your project is important to A.Domco, Inc. and we ensure total customer satisfaction.Therefore,we ask that you take the time to review the materials in this handbook to familiarize yourself with our organization and our philosophy of workmanship, cooperation and expert delivery of goods and services.

    We believe that the open lines of communication are vital to a good working relationship and delivery of a good product. Please do not hesitate to contact any of our staff members with questions, comments or concerns, at any stage of the job.
    You will be introduced to the Key Field Personnel, including Lawrence Hilton and Shawn Purcell, both of whom will visit your work site throughout the project.You are invited to communicate directly with both, Lawrence and Shawn, with any questions.
    Depending upon the stage involved, you will also be introduced to a Foreperson who will be your daily key contact person on the job site and who is responsible for communicating our progress and following your commands. This person will be briefed daily by Lawrence on the details of the job, and will have access to our Work Order, color selections (Contractor’s Schedule) and a floor plan of the job.

    Domco has the experience to know that the best way to ensure a job “Done Right and On Time” is through a cooperative effort by all participants, by demonstrating flexibility in response to scheduling demands and effectively manning the job for saving costs. Timely communication is crucial; so is an appreciation for the importance of scheduling for all contractors to efficiently complete their tasks. That is why we take the time to set down these ideas to help our fellow contractors understand the key to our ability to deliver a quality job.

    1. Early Notice for Basement and Stair Tower Painting:
      Every job has its own sequence of events that directs the construction schedule,making coordination of trades difficult at times. However, some basic components remain uniform, allowing for better predictability in the scheduling sequence.We request the opportunity to be involved and advised of progress at the earliest stages so that we can begin our contractual obligations as soon as possible and at a time most likely to ensure efficiency. For example, many builders wait to schedule planning until the drywall is near or completely done. By then, it is likely that basements, stairwells and other foundation areas have been completed.Domco prefers to be notified immediately upon completion of these areas so that we can direct our resources to address issues such as block filling or stair case coating BEFORE the installation of heavy and bulky equipment and machines that may prevent us from spraying out the basement or from putting a protective undercoating on rails making the final coat more aesthetically pleasing.

    2. Drywall Finishing and Touch-up:
      This is always a touchy subject to deal with but by discussing how to handle touch-up early on, we find it becomes less of an issue. At Domco, we strive for efficiency. Unfortunately, the shear number of trades on site alone guarantees the need for touch-up. One procedure Domco implements has proven effective and many of our Site Superintendents have thanked us for our efforts.

      1. Last Stage Finish Paint: When the drywall has been completed and is ready for paint, our procedure calls for the application of one coat of a primer/sealer, sprayed coating. After the primer has been applied, we try to coordinate with the Superintendent and drywall finishers to ensure that ALL drywall blemishes, or at least AS MANY AS ARE VISIBLE, are addressed at that time.Once the drywall finishers have meticulously gone through every room and area of drywall,we return to spray on our First Finish Coat of Color.This is an important stage in the painting process. It sets the foundation for the color and texture of the final product. However, recognizing that subsequent dents, bumps and unavoidable imperfections appear as the job progresses, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that the Final or Finish Coats not be applied until AFTER ALL TRADES ARE FINISHED AND HAVE VACATED THE AREAS.
      2. Better Quality Finish: Many builders push to complete the painting process before the other trades are done, assuming there will be multiple stages of touch-up and spackle applied to the walls through the end. We suggest that following this pattern does a disservice to you, your customers and your subcontractors.We have worked with many drywall companies and it has been our experience that when every effort is made to limit the number of times a surface receives drywall and paint touch-ups, a better quality finish is achieved.
      3. WE MAKE YOU THIS PROMISE, if you allow us to hold off on applying our final coat of paint until all other trades are done and have vacated the designated area, be it a room at a time or larger areas, and after all drywall imperfections have been meticulously addressed, WE WILL ENSURE THE PRESENCE OF A SUFFICIENT NO. OF SKILLED PAINTERS TO COMPLETE YOUR JOB ON TIME. Allow the painters to work cooperatively with the drywall finishers, by conducting joint walk-throughs to determine the degree of readiness of all walls and paint-able surfaces before, the final coat of paint is applied, and we will limit the number of touchups and areas of “flashing” they create. As professional and experienced painters, if we are allowed to work with the dry wall finisher and participate in the determination of whether a surface is “ready for final coat”, you and others will save money and time.

      To save time and effort and to avoid confusion, our Painters/Foreperson will have 3 part copy change order forms on site. Any time there is an item that has been added or changed; they have been instructed to write a description of the item, including the estimated labor and materials for its completion, and to have it signed by you.They are also instructed to document their time cards with the appropriate stage.
      In order to ensure proper billing and reporting of labor and material for all projects, Domco painters are instructed to document their work effort according to strictly enforced staging procedures. For Example, if an item has been added to a project, the Painter will enter its description as a Stage 12, Extra or New work, and a formal Change Order will be created in the system for record keeping and billing. A copy of the Change Order previously signed as described above, will be attached to the Change Order submitted to your accounting department. Additionally, if a painter is called upon to perform “Touch-up”, that painter will track time according to the proper stage as either Stage 10, Domco’s contractual “final touch-up” or Stage 18, touch-up due to 3rd Party damage. These Stage 18 entries will be collated and submitted for payment according to the AIA billing cycle.
      Conversely, if a change in the described work results in less labor or materials, these change orders will be used to document the credit to be issued as well.

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